Please Sign Our Petition to Save Point Cartwright Reserve

Save Point Cartwright - please Sign Petition
Save Point Cartwright – Please Sign Petition


Of course we all love Point Cartwright Reserve. However, if we don’t protect it now, we may lose the very things we all love about it.


Please sign our petition to Save Point Cartwright Reserve for future generations and keep it natural.


Please sign our petition at
Please sign our petition at

The condition of the environment of Point Cartwright Reserve has been deteriorating drastically over recent years, and now Council has commenced a Master Plan study and a review of the Town Plan which will determine the future of the reserve.


To protect Point Cartwright Reserve from future development, keep it a natural place and prevent further degradation of the Reserve, we all need to tell Council what we want for the future.


The best way to protect Point Cartwright’s future is to ask Council to manage the reserve as a conservation park and change the land use zoning to Environmental Management and Conservation.


What you can do…

1) Please sign our petition!! πŸ™‚ …
2) Please sign our physical petitions at supporting businesses (eg. One On La Balsa Cafe).
3) Email Council’s Master Planning Team at …
4) Email Council’s New Town Plan Team at …
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Rezoning Point Cartwright Reserve to Environmental Management & Conservation will help to protect the site’s wonderfully unique attributes:

1. International Migrating & Resident Shorebirds – Protected species of shorebirds rely on the rocky shores at Point Cartwright for their survival.

2. Critically Endangered Littoral Rainforests – The forests of Point Cartwright Reserve are nationally significant and classified as Critically Endangered.

3. Sensitive Rocky Shore Ecological Habitats – The rocky shores of Point Cartwright are highly diverse and essential marine habitat for many high order organisms.

4. Indigenous Cultural Heritage – Point Cartwright was formerly the site of a large Indigenous village. The area was home, food and medicine for Kabi Kabi daily life. The headland holds cultural and spiritual significance to the Kabi Kabi people.

5. European History – Point Cartwright has a rich European history from the earliest explorers to early settlers, it held a special significance & was declared a reserve in 1933.

6. Endangered Loggerhead Turtles – The beaches around Point Cartwright have the highest hatching rates on the Sunshine Coast of the endangered Loggerhead turtle.

7. Dynamic Riverine Habitats – The estuarine habitats of the Mooloolah River adjacent to Point Cartwright Reserve contain a rich diversity of marine organisms (e.g. Nudibranchs).

8. Ancient Fossilised Landscapes – The sandstone cliffs of the headland contain a rich patchwork of fossilised landscapes from the Jurassic Period some 200 Million years ago.

9. Wonderful Marine and Terrestrial Wildlife – Point Cartwright is home to many birds, reptiles, mammals and marsupials, including 115 species of birds such as the Osprey, a fish eating raptor, and the nocturnal Frogmouth.

10. β€˜Dark Sky’ Character – Point Cartwright should be classified as a Dark Sky Site to protect the nocturnal animals and the turtle nesting.

11. Surfing Heritage – Point Cartwright has a rich surfing heritage dating back generations. It is a popular spot for surfers from far and wide and is one of the few protected surf breaks on the Sunshine Coast.


The rezoning to Environmental Management and Conservation will ensure restoration and conservation strategies are implemented at the Reserve to preserve it for future generations.


Please sign our Petition to Save Point Cartwright Reserve and ensure the natural environment is preserved for future generations to enjoy. Link:


Please Sign Our Petition to Save Point Cartwright Reserve
Please Sign Our Petition to Save Point Cartwright Reserve


Please sign our petition!
Please sign our petition to Save Point Cartwright Reserve


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Thank you!!Β  πŸ™‚

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