New Draft Master Plan Released For Comment – ACT NOW!

Big News!   Council’s Draft Master Plan for Point Cartwright has been released! Now it is time to have your say!!  🙂   You only have till 2nd July 2023 to make your views known.  Please Act Nowshare the links and complete Council’s survey.


Find out all you need to know about the Draft Master Plan and access the survey at this link:


Have Your Say Now!
Have Your Say Now!


We thank Council for undertaking investigations to evaluate the significance of the reserve’s Indigenous cultural heritage and unique mix of sensitive ecology. We applaud Council for the revised approach taken to managing Point Cartwright based on these findings, including new approaches to recognising and managing profound Indigenous cultural heritage, designating new environmental protection areas, and establishing new responsible approaches to pet management.


The new approaches in the Draft Master Plan will help the reserve recover from years of degradation.  The new pet access restrictions on the site represent a long overdue and responsible shift in policy. The new provisions have given heightened priority and focus toward the conservation of the site’s unique human and ecological values. In this way, the draft plan provides a blueprint for starting the process of site recovery by fostering the restoration of significant biotopes and healing of country and culture. The new provisions will help ensure future generations can enjoy Point Cartwright’s unique human and natural attributes for years to come.


The Draft Master Plan is a responsible forward thinking evidence-based policy statement. We encourage everyone to please support the principles and outcomes embodied in the Draft Master Plan. Your feedback will help ensure Point Cartwright’s profound Indigenous cultural heritage and nationally significant ecology are protected and better managed into the future.


We urge everyone to support the master plan by answering YES to Question 1 of the survey and use the text field that comes up afterwards to put in any feedback you wish to add. You can also submit your comments by direct email to:


Please reach out to as many people as you can and share the survey with people in your community groups.


Lets show strong support for Council’s forward thinking policy stance.


Thank you everyone ! 🙂


Links to Draft Master Plan…


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You can read background information on Point Cartwright’s wonderful Indigenous cultural heritage and nationally significant ecology in our report to Council seeking a rezoning of the site and designation of a conservation park:

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