A New Vision for Point Cartwright Reserve

The Point Cartwright Care Group are calling for a new vision for the Point Cartwright Reserve – a Vision that unifies aspirations and understanding about the intent, purpose and function of the the reserve and it’s diverse natural features and anthropogenic interests. We are proposing the following Vision for the future of Point Cartwright Reserve to ensure it is protected and managed in a sustainable way for future generations:

Point Cartwright Reserve is a unique ancient place preserved and nurtured by the Sunshine Coast Council and its residents for future generations to experience and enjoy:

  • A refuge in a modern metropolis with ancient geology from the Jurassic period;
  • A place of cultural and religious significance to Indigenous people;
  • A place where the Indigenous and European history can be acknowledged and celebrated together;
  • A place with a natural heritage dating directly back to pre-colonisation that can be experienced in a quiet contemplative environment;
  • A place with habitats, wildlife and experiential opportunities that together, are not readily found elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast;
  • A place where the flora and fauna of the site is nurtured, understood and appreciated;
  • A place where the marine and terrestrial environs are enjoyed in a non-impactful manner;
  • A place with a wonderful mix of coastal environs including rocky shores with migrating shore birds, riverine habitats with a plethora of benthic and marine organisms, and remnant littoral rainforest with a wonderful mix of plants and wildlife;
  • A place where passive recreational and tourist opportunities are experienced in a well-controlled and respectful manner.


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